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    Dress pants for women

    Women's dress pants are perfect for when you're going out on the town, relaxing at home, at work or school – and of course when you need to dress up for a special occasion. With our women's dress pants, you ensure a stylish and elegant look, while at the same time you feel comfortable and can move freely.

    Shop our popular beige suit trousers

    On this page you can see our different suit trousers for women, which all have in common that they are high-waisted and have the perfect fit. Our women's suit trousers are available in several different colours, but our beige suit trousers are especially popular - see e.g. our beige New Vera Wide . By the way, all our women's suit trousers have the same fantastic cut and stretch.

    Women's suit trousers: a modern twist for casual and formal occasions

    Our women's suit trousers make a statement. The tight, high-waisted fit meets a loose fit that gives the trousers a modern twist on the formal and stylish. The result is a unique expression that makes you stand out from the crowd, regardless of whether you have to show up for a working day at the office, spend time at the studio or dance the night away with friends.

    In other words, our selection of women's suit trousers consists of a number of elegant styles that are perfect for both work and leisure. The suit trousers are very balanced in their expression, which is why you can put together your look with this, whether you are attending a formal occasion or if you just need a trendy look for everyday life. The stylish expression and the tight high-waisted look mixed with the loose fall over the legs give the trousers that touch which is super trendy and ensures that you stand out from the crowd.

    How to put together your women's dress pants

    There are many ways in which you can style your outfit with suit trousers from Venderby's. One of the advantages of our suit trousers for women is that they both combine well with a casual long sweater, but you can also complete the formal and stylish look by matching the trousers with a nice blazer. You can e.g. combine our beige suit trousers for women with one of our blazers for the perfect look for the studio or workplace, or if you need to 'dress up' for a trip around town by giving your look a modern twist.

    Our suit pants for women come in many colours

    Do you love to experiment with several color combinations, or do you mostly stick to the classic simple look? Either way, both are possible with our range of fashionable suit pants. Our range of colors have a natural interaction with each other, so you will always have the opportunity to change your overall look if you feel it reflects your personal style better.

    If you are looking for another exciting look, which is sure to go really well for everyday wear, or when you are going to a café, then it is the combination of our women's suit pants and our tops . Here you mix the loose fit of the trousers with our close-fitting corset. It gives a good dynamic in your style and a modern expression.

    A perfect fit makes our women's habit pants comfortable to wear

    At Venderby's, we are always aware of creating the perfect fit. And here, of course, no exception applies when it comes to our women's habit trousers. In addition to being high-waisted – which provides a tight and good fit around the waist – the material also means that our dress pants for women do not wrinkle and thus have an elegant fall.

    The trousers are regular to large in size, so a size smaller might be the answer if you want a tight fit. Our women's suit trousers have a bit of stretch which just adds to the perfect fit.

    It's the small details that make the difference

    When you take a closer look at our women's habit trousers, you will discover small details, and it is precisely these that help to give your style that extra oomph. We have made sure that our trousers are equipped with some nice features that may go unnoticed at first glance, but which on closer inspection make a significant difference to the appearance of the trousers - and for that matter also to the comfort.

    From the smart buttons to the practical belt loops – every single detail helps to define the trousers' unique character. The buttons are not just there for the sake of function, they are carefully selected so that they fit perfectly with the style of the trousers. The belt straps make room for your favorite belt if you want to further define your silhouette. Even the small seams that run discreetly along the legs have an important role. They help ensure that the trousers sit where they should, while adding a touch of elegance to the design. All in all, it's the little details like these that make a big difference in the overall style experience.