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    96 products

    There are many different tops. A top for women can be oversized or tight-fitting, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, and various tops can of course be matched with each other and the rest of your outfit. Tops for ladies can be used to present your personal style, and then there is a greater difference in the design of tops compared to e.g. pants.

    Match our tops for women with other Venderby items

    In general, it is very easy and obvious to match our tops with other Venderby items. We use the same shades across collections. This means that e.g. our brown trousers are available in the same brown color as our fine blouses. If you therefore feel like styling yourself in an identical color from top to toe, you can look for items across our entire website.

    You can of course also match tops for women from Venderby's with other colours. We have a wide selection of different colors for our tops, so you can create the outfit that best reflects your personal style.

    In addition to having different colors, our tops also come in different designs. Some women's tops are tight fitting, while others are more puffy and loose. The contrast between a tight-fitting top and a pair of voluminous trousers, we personally think, makes for a great outfit. You can also match an oversized sweater with a pair of loose trousers for a relaxed and casual look. There are many options with our tops for women.


    We carry both tight-fitting and loose tops

    At Venderby's we have both close-fitting and loose tops. Our tight-fitting tops emphasize your feminine forms to a greater extent, and our loose tops reflect the current fashion image, where a baggy and comfortable look characterizes the trends of the time.

    However, we believe that it is important to have a bit of everything in your wardrobe. Variety is a good thing and it proves that your style is dynamic. Also, no one says you can't wear both types of tops. You can e.g. easily wear a tight-fitting glitter top under a bulky sweatshirt.

    Then you can always throw the top away if it gets too hot or if you just want to exude a different style for a while. You can then put the sweater back on if it gets chilly.

    We have tops for every occasion

    At Venderby's, we want to be broad with our collections. That is why we make a big virtue out of offering something a little different. We carry both tops for ladies that are perfect for everyday wear, and we have tops that are obvious alternatives for the upcoming party.

    For everyday, we have sweatshirt tops that give you a relaxed and casual look. You can optionally match these women's tops with matching sweatpants for a great tracksuit outfit. For the party, we have our tight-fitting tops that come in many different designs and materials. We have, among other things, tops with glitter and in silk, which give your outfit a twist that allows you to stand out from the crowd on the dance floor.

    Our tops are affordable and always reflect the latest fashion

    As you may have noticed, our tops for women are available at an affordable price. This actually applies to our entire product range, and it is completely deliberate, because we do not believe that it should cost a fortune to be part of the fashion wave. It must be possible for everyone to shop for clothes that reflect the latest trends.

    The prices of our women's tops also mean that most of our customers can shop for several items for their wardrobe at a time. So if you feel that you are missing several different tops, then you have landed in the right place.

    Contact us if you have any questions about our women's tops

    If you still have specific questions about some of our tops for women, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions – big or small. You can write to us at kontakt@venderbys.dk or call us on tel. 42 51 61 30. We look forward to helping you!

    You can also visit our Instagram if you are interested in becoming part of our fashion universe. Here you can be updated with the latest news about our collections, learn more about the brand and see how other customers match their Venderby items.