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    67 products

    Tops for women are indispensable. They are neat in themselves, but are also perfectly matched with other items from your wardrobe. Tops usually fit tightly to the body, which really accentuates your female forms - and they come in many colours, designs and cuts.

    How to match women's tops with other items

    Why can't you get too many peaks? Women's tops are one of those versatile items that can be used on their own matched with a pair of nice jeans, just as they can be matched with a top or fine blazer. In this way, tops can both be used as a complementary item that stages other cool styles, and they can also grab the limelight themselves and dictate your style with all their simplicity.

    On this page, you will find both tops that are basic and timeless in their expression, and styles that are more edgy in their expression. It is especially our basic tops that are indispensable in a wardrobe because they can be so easily matched with a nice top. Our tops with a bit more edge are more intended to stand alone, but this is of course a matter of taste.

    Our tops give you a perfect fit

    As you have probably noticed, our beautiful tops are close-fitting in their design. Most tops for women come with stretch, which really accentuates your feminine shapes. The close-fitting design has always been something that lies deep in our DNA at Venderby's.

    The current fashion image is certainly characterized by a casual and baggy style, but we believe that it never goes out of fashion to show off your femininity with tight-fitting clothes. The two opposite poles can of course be combined. Many of our trousers and sweatpants have e.g. a loose fit, while the fit around the waist is tight and gives you a nice fit.

    However, our women's fitted tops aren't just for women who prefer tight clothing. If your wardrobe is dominated by cute oversized clothes, you still need a fitted top for women. Our tops can act as the perfect undershirt for your hoodies or shirts.

    At Venderby's you will always find a cheap top for women

    At Venderby's, we always design our items according to the latest fashion – but still with a clear identity that characterizes our clothes; namely the tight fit. We've always had a mantra that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to update your wardrobe with the latest trends and be fashion conscious.

    That's why you always find our tops for women at an affordable price. Our customers all agree on one thing; you really get something for your money. All our tops are designed to fit well on the body, so you can combine good style with comfort.

    Our low prices also mean that our customers can usually buy several items for the wardrobe per order. At Venderby's, we make sure that you can be updated on all fronts – from your jeans to your selection of great tops.

    Our women's tops always reflect the latest fashion

    As I said, our selection of tops always reflects the latest, but how do we ensure that? At Venderby's, we always have a very keen feeler out there, and when we spot something new that's trending, we take the ideas back to headquarters to look at how we can design something similar, but within a completely different price range.

    In addition, we have always been aware that we must also hold on to our identity. We don't want to be mainstream, and it is naturally a challenge if you very persistently try to incorporate the latest fashion trends into your selection of tops and other items.

    The perfect fit has always been something we strive to create, and it is exactly what makes us stand out from our competitors and the mainstream culture. With tops from Venderby's, you get styles that are clearly inspired by the current fashion image, but are still unique, as the tight fit will always have an impact.

    Do you have questions about our beautiful tops?

    We hope you've fallen in love with some of our tops for women. If you are looking for inspiration on how to match our Venderby's tops with other items from our range, you can visit our fashion universe on Instagram . Here you can see what our customers are doing, and you can also get to know our brand a little better.

    If you have any specific questions about our tops, don't hesitate to contact us either. You can always read more specifically about our tops for ladies in the product description itself, but you are of course also welcome to contact us. You can write to us at or call us on tel. 42 51 61 30. We look forward to helping you!