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    Pants for tall women

    As important as it is to be able to choose clothes that match your individual style, it is just as important to be able to find clothes that are designed for different body types and heights. For tall women, it can be a challenge to find trousers that fit both in length and style. Fortunately, we have trousers for tall women, also known as tall trousers, specially designed to meet the need for extra length.

    The Tall collection is for you who need extra length

    Are you blessed with a pair of long, beautiful legs? So you probably know that it's actually not always an advantage when you have to buy clothes. The pants may look great on the model in the photo, but when you get them home, they're going to bump up in a way you didn't expect. We set out to solve that problem with our Tall collection. Here, 10 cm extra length has been added in the legs, and otherwise the good fit is exactly the same as you know it from our other styles. We don't think you need to buy clothes that are too big just because you naturally have longer legs than most. On the contrary, we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, regardless of height and body proportions.

    Find the perfect styles for your height

    When it comes to finding the perfect styles for your height, it's important to experiment with different pant styles to find the ones that best suit your body type and personal style. As a tall woman, you have the advantage of being able to wear many different styles of pants and look great. Here we give you some of our best tips for finding the perfect long trousers for women that go perfectly with your height:

    • Pants with width: Pants with width or so-called wide leg pants are an ideal choice for tall women, as they create a beautiful balance between your torso and legs. These trousers fall loosely and allow freedom of movement while adding a sophisticated touch to your look. Wear them with a pair of heels if you want to elongate your silhouette even more.

    • Slim fit trousers: Slim fit trousers are perfect for showing off your long legs and beautiful female forms. Team the trousers with a loose blouse or an oversized shirt to create a relaxed and trendy look.

    • High-waisted trousers: High-waisted trousers or high-waisted trousers are a must-have for tall women. The high waist elongates your legs and creates an elegant expression. You can choose between loose and close-fitting models, depending on your personal preference and the occasion. Combine them with a cropped blouse to accentuate your waist.

    Remember that the most important thing is to choose pants that make you feel comfortable and confident. Explore different styles, patterns and colors to find your favorites and create unique outfits that perfectly match your height and personal style.

    Extra long women's trousers - see our trousers in the perfect length for tall women

    For women with a taller figure, it can be a challenge to find pants that fit in length. Often it feels like the pants are missing the last few centimeters to fit perfectly. Therefore, long pants for women have become an important focus area within the fashion industry. Specially designed for tall women, these trousers offer the extra length needed to achieve a perfect fit and comfort. This is precisely the case with Venderby's Tall collection.

    Whether you're tired of having to compromise on trouser length or want to achieve a more flattering fit, our women's long trousers are the ideal choice for tall women. They meet the in-demand need for pants that fit the length while allowing you to express your personal style. Explore our selection of Tall pants and find your new favorites that you will feel comfortable in.

    Buy Tall trousers from Venderby's

    Don't let your height limit you - embrace it with a pair of long women's trousers made especially for women like you. Here we take a closer look at what you can expect from a pair of Tall trousers from Venderby's for you who have a taller figure.

    The perfect length

    Our Tall trousers naturally take into account the need for extra length. Designed to reach all the way down to the ankles, these trousers are perfect for tall women without feeling too short. You no longer have to compromise on fit and accept pants that are baggy. With long trousers for women from Venderby's, you can enjoy the perfect fit that gives you the confidence you want to radiate.

    Variety of styles

    One of the advantages of our trousers for tall women is the variety of styles. Whether you prefer loose-fitting trousers, wide-leg trousers or tighter-fitting trousers, we have a large selection for every personal style. This allows you to find the perfect pants that best suit the occasion and your preferences without having to compromise on length.

    Fit and comfort

    Venderby's long women's trousers are not only designed to be longer, but they also take into account other aspects of fit. They are tailored to fit tall women's figures, meaning they take into account proportions and have the right fit around the hips, waist and thighs. This results in increased comfort and freedom of movement, so you can move effortlessly and confidently in your trousers all day long.

    A selection of modern styles

    Long pants for women are not only practical, but they are also stylish and modern. You can find them in different colors, patterns and materials that match the trends of the season. Whether you're going to a formal event or want a more casual look for everyday, there's a pair of Tall trousers to suit every occasion.