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    Are you ready for bikini season? If you have planned a holiday to the south, and if you like to have things under control in good time, then you are probably familiar with the problem that repeats itself year after year: Which bikini should you choose? When a long-awaited holiday is just around the corner, or the sun is finally high in the sky in Denmark, it's all about being equipped with the right bikini - at Venderby's, we make sure that you are just that.

    How did the bikini become popular?

    Swimwear for women has changed a lot over time. Today it is e.g. more acceptable to show more bare skin than it was in the past. That development actually started way back in the 1940s, when the two-piece swimsuit was introduced to the world for the first time. As you can probably guess, this design divided the waters quite a bit. For many years, the bikini was either despised or loved.

    In the 1960s, the bikini really experienced its heyday. The youth rebellion helped put the bikini set on the world map, and it has since been a popular summer item in virtually the entire world. Today, if you visit a Danish beach in the summer or head south to warmer climes, you will not be able to avoid seeing lots of women wearing bikinis.

    Mix and match - this is how you personalize your bikini

    Now to the problem: Why is it that we women find it so difficult to find the right bikini? The perfect bikini should make us feel good, and if we're being honest, it should also show us off at our best. At Venderby's, we have a wide selection of bikini tops and bottoms that you can put together however you like.

    You are guaranteed a color that you feel more comfortable in. This may be because that particular color suits your skin tone perfectly. It may be that you prefer a stylish bikini look - in which case a bikini set with top and panties in the same color could be the solution. Maybe your bikini doesn't have to be plain. If you want a more colorful look, it can be an option to mix the colors on top and bottom in your bikini outfit.

    Experience the delicious fit in all our swimwear for women

    At Venderby's, the perfect fit is part of our DNA. In addition to your bikini having the right expression, it must also offer the right feeling on the body. All of our designs are designed to give you the best fit and comfort.

    The tight fit is a common theme in all our styles. That the top and bottom fit and do not hang loose is absolutely essential when you wear a bikini. With us, all our swimwear comes with stretch, which gives you a comfortable feeling and a stylish look.

    Enjoy your swimwear for many years - this is how you take care of your bikini

    We're sure you'll be happy with your new bikini from Venderby's, and there are several ways you can extend its life. We have compiled a list below:

    • Avoid washing yourself with shampoo etc. while wearing your bikini.
    • Be careful that your nails do not make holes in the material.
    • Remember to hang the bikini to dry when you come from the beach or pool.

    It is always a good idea to take off your bikini if ​​you intend to wash with soap or shampoo. Shampoo and other soap products destroy your item in the long run.

    The next point may sound a little crazy, but where most women find their bikinis breaking is actually when they're taking their swimwear on and off. Long nails can easily make holes in the thin material, especially if you have just been in the water - this makes the bikini fabric more fragile.

    Finally, it is also a good idea to hang your bikini to dry after use. That way, you avoid it starting to smell bad and musty in the laundry basket. We recommend that you hang your bikini to dry outside so that it can also get fresh air.

    Do you have questions about our swimwear for women? Then contact us here

    If you have any questions about our bikinis, you can always contact us every weekday from 10-14 on tel. 42 51 61 30. If you are looking for inspiration for what you can style your new bikini set with, you can also visit our Instagram profile. Here you can see what other women have styled their Venderby's items with. We look forward to helping you!