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    6 products

    The fashion scene of the time tells us that it is really popular to wear white trousers. The elegant look has meant that white trousers have established themselves as a solid item in the Danish clothing stores, and today you do not have to walk far down Strøget before you bump into a person with a pair of white trousers.

    At Venderby's, we have a fine selection of white trousers, which both appeal to days when you want a more loose outfit as well as the days when you want to look more elegant. You can see our selection here on the page.

    Experience the perfect fit with white cowboy pants from Venderby’s

    At Venderby's, the most important thing has always been that you as a customer with us get a pair of modern and delicious trousers that fit perfectly on the body. The goal of the perfect fit is a criterion that plays into the design of all our jeans and trousers. The perfect fit lies deep in our DNA - and this is no exception when it comes to our white pants for women.

    The same for all our styles of white jeans and trousers is that they are high-waisted. The high-waisted cut makes them sit tight around the hip. That way, your female forms are put in focus. Generally for our pants and jeans is also that they do not sit tight everywhere. We know that the Danish fashion image is characterized by a more loose style, which is why all our white trousers and jeans fall loosely over your sneakers.

    Customize your look - find white jeans for any occasion

    When it comes to the look you are looking for in your new white pants from Venderby's, there is a slight difference in our different styles. In our Straight jeans , for example, you get a pair of white cowboy pants that fall naturally loose and relatively straight down over your sneakers. These trousers have a slightly classic look, but the design still reflects the modern trends that we see in the fashion scene of the time.

    With our Boucle trousers you get a pair of trousers that illustrates quite well how the relaxed trends from the loungewear style can easily be mixed with the elegant. The stylish design from this item gives you a pair of pants to suit any occasion. Despite the relaxing undertones, the expression from these pants is not quite in the style of our white sweatpants . The pants have more grace over them and they are a combination of a baggy style, while still having a certain soft elegance over them.

    Our New Lily pants are perfect for the more formal occasions. The trousers are in a soft and smooth material, which means that they fall beautifully and cleanly over your sneakers or stilettos. These pants are sewn with lining - so you do not have to worry about whether they are transparent. A tight-fitting top or blazer will go really well with these white pants.

    Stage other items with white pants from Venderby’s

    In addition to giving you a fresh and trendy look, there are other - perhaps more strategic - benefits to styling yourself with a pair of white jeans. If you reach for a pair of our white trousers or jeans in your wardrobe, when you style yourself in front of the mirror, you can better put some of your other items in focus.

    Have you e.g. a pair of cool black sneakers, they will be less noticeable if you have styled yourself with a pair of black jeans. The same goes if you have a nice top that you want people to notice. A pair of white cowboy pants in this case stages these items absolutely stunning.

    Explore our Instagram universe

    Are you looking for more inspiration for what you can add in addition to our white pants and jeans of delicious items to your wardrobe - then go exploring in our Instagram -universe .Here you can see how other women put together their clothes from Venderby’s

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