Prices and estimated delivery time: 


1-3 business days

Package shop: From DKK 19

Home delivery: DKK 45

Sweden & Netherlands

2-4 business days

From DKK 29 (EUR 4.95)
Finland, France, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic & Portugal
2-5 business days

From DKK 39 (EUR 5.95)

Norway, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, UK, Italy, Hungary, Ireland & Luxembourg
2-6 business days


From DKK 49 (6.95 EUR)


Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia & Estonia

2-6 business days

From DKK 59 (EUR 7.95)

Bulgaria & Croatia
2-5 business days
From DKK 69 (EUR 8.95)

Faroe Islands 

2-4 business days 


From DKK 79

Australia, USA, Canada & New Zealand

With DHL: 2-5 business days

With Postnord: up to 20 working days


From DKK 170 (AUD 36)


Up to 7 working days


From DKK 215 (EUR 29.95)


Free shipping in Denmark for purchases over DKK 599

Free shipping in the EU for purchases over DKK 999



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CUSTOMS, VAT & FEES: To UK, Norway, Iceland, USA, Australia and Canada, customs, VAT and other charges may apply to the item, this is NOT included in the price. If you return your order, the duty will NOT be refunded. Remember to send your package back as a return item (note it somewhere on the package).

You will always receive a track and trace number so you can follow your package, from our warehouse to your home.

If you make a pre-order, but also buy something that is in stock, the order will only be shipped when all items are in stock.

We reserve the right for delays with all suppliers, and we are not responsible for this.