Striped pants

    5 products

    5 products

    Do you want an addition to your wardrobe that stands out from your go-to jeans and your causal loungewear? At Venderby’s, we sell trousers in all the classic colors, but we also have striped trousers for the days when you are looking for a different expression in your style. See our selection of trousers with stripes on this page.

    Create dynamism in your style with stripes on your pants

    Striped trousers add something completely different to your style. As opposed to a pair of pants in a standard color, a pair of black and white striped pants creates dynamism in your expression. You can e.g. Combine these pants with a basic top in white or black. If you have difficulty figuring out what compliments your trousers from Venderby’s, you can see inside the specific trousers which top our models have been styled with.

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    If you are looking for more inspiration for what you can put together your striped trousers from Venderby's - then visit our Instagram profile . In addition, you can easily sign up for our newsletter on our website. This way you will be updated when our new collections are launched. If you have questions about our products, you can contact us on tel. 42 51 61 30 every weekday from 10-14.