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    8 products

    Levi pants fit your body perfectly. The loose fit speaks perfectly to the latest fashion trends, and we guarantee you that these trousers will become a go-to item in everyday life. With Levi trousers, you look smart every day. See our selection on this page.

    Feel our identity in a pair of Levi pants

    At Venderby's, it is always important that our identity reflects our various items – especially when it comes to our trousers. We have always made a virtue of designing trousers that fit the body perfectly. This means that they have to sit well around the waist, while at the same time they have to

    emphasize your female forms when you wear them in everyday life.

    The perfect fit is not just a goal, it is a requirement when we design new trousers. Our Levi pants are a great example of a model that truly combines the best of both worlds. Because as I said, the tight fit around the waist is part of our identity, but we cannot avoid the fact that the latest fashion trends call for a more relaxed and casual fit.

    That's why with our Levi pants you will experience a pair of perfectly fitting pants that feel comfortable to wear, while also making a trendy addition to your wardrobe.

    Levi: Get a nice pair of trousers for everyday use

    With the model Levi, you get a pair of trousers that are perfect for everyday life, weekends and when you just want to relax at home on the sofa. The trousers are made of a soft material that makes them comfortable to wear all day - even on days when you are at home on the sofa. In addition, the trousers also have a lot of width, which gives you fantastic mobility.

    For everyday use, these trousers are absolutely perfect. As shown on the page, we have a nice selection of different colors. You can therefore easily style your Levi trousers with any sweater or t-shirt. Our Levi pants also have a bit of stretch, which is nice if you have a day where you have to sit down a lot.

    Style yourself for the weekends with our Levi pants

    For the weekends, you want to have a pair of pants that can be teamed with your favorite tops and sneakers. You can with our Levi pants. You can e.g. get our Levi trousers with stripes , which are perfect for a more formal look, where you e.g. mix the trousers with a nice blazer.

    You can also easily mix our Levi trousers with a tight-fitting top. Then you get a loose and casual look from the trousers, while the cut at the waist and the expression of the top give you a tight and feminine look

    Do you have questions about our Levi pants?

    If you still have questions about our Levi pants, you can always contact us. We want to give our customers the best experience when they buy clothes from us. This means that we make our advice available if you should have practical questions about our collections. You can contact us every weekday from 10-14 on tel. 42 51 61 30.

    If you generally lack inspiration in your feed, you can also always visit our Instagram profile. Here you can find inspiration for your next clothing purchase from Venderby's. We look forward to helping you!