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    36 products

    Trousers with width in the legs are the new black. And at Venderby’s, we love it. Most of our pants have extra width, so you can easily be completely in fashion with one of our designs. We have gathered our trousers with width on this page.

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    In recent years, we have said a nice and official goodbye to skinny jeans and goodbye to the latest trends in bush fashion - namely trousers with width in the legs. When we let our minds slide on trouser legs with width, we think of the 70s and a hippie style, but in the last couple of seasons, this trend has made a big comeback. And now you can not avoid encountering a pair of wide-leg jeans in the street scene.

    Many people mistakenly believe that the extra fabric will make their legs look wider. But in fact, pants with width in the legs lengthen our legs and highlight the waist, creating an incredibly flattering silhouette on any body type.

    Typically, such a pair of pants is narrow in the thighs and first moves out into a wider width near the feet. You can also find such pairs at Venderby's - we have many styles with extra width in the legs, as we ourselves love the silhouette they create, and they are also extremely comfortable to wear, as they do not tighten anywhere.

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    For some, it might be a little scary to swap the completely tight jeans you are used to with a pair of pants with more width. It is a completely different silhouette that you have to get used to. Therefore, if this is the first time you should throw yourself into trying out the new trend, it may be a good idea to start with a pair in a neutral color.

    Here you can also choose a pair that is still narrow in the legs - so you can always try with a little more width as you get used to it - and you do. We dare to guarantee that you think these are much more comfortable to wear on a full day than your normal skinny jeans.

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