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    23 products

    Vera is our collection of trousers that focuses on the perfect fit and an elegant look. You will find both the classic Vera Wide and our New Vera Wide - and both models are also available in a Tall version especially for tall women. Discover our collection of delicious and comfortable Vera trousers, where new colors and models are continuously added.

    Vera Wide is a favorite in Venderby's range

    Vera Wide is a super popular model and a big favorite among our customers, and we understand that! The trousers have the delicious classic look that is a hit in fashion right now, but as a twist we have made them in a stretchy material. This means that they are both soft and comfortable to wear. Vera Wide is also available in a wide range of different colours, so you can choose exactly the ones that match your taste and fit best into your wardrobe.

    The model is characterized by being high-waisted, straight and having a lot of width at the bottom. They emphasize the waist in the most beautiful way, while at the same time they fall nicely over your sneakers or boots. Together with a blazer, you can achieve the perfect formal look for the office, and if you choose to add a sweatshirt instead, your expression suddenly becomes cool and relaxed. If a city trip with friends is on the agenda, you can wear a cool top or blouse and a pair of sneaks or stilettos, depending on how casual you want to be.

    New Vera Wide – a new take on the Vera Wide trousers

    New Vera Wide is Vera Wide's sister model. The two have their wonderful fit, stretchy fabric and straight leg with width at the bottom in common, but the New Vera Wide differs by being made in a slightly different material. The fabric is – of course – still soft and comfortable, but at the same time it has a surface that makes them look almost striped. They have had some texture added to them which gives them an interesting surface with a little bit of color play. The effect is discreet, but it can still help lift your look when you wear a pair of New Vera Wide.

    Like the classic Vera Wide, you can get the New Vera Wide in several different colors. Combine them with everything from sweatshirts to glitter tops and create your own completely personal look for both everyday life, parties and everything in between - of course with a focus on comfort and a delicious fit, as is always the case with clothes from Venderby's.

    Need extra length? Try our Tall models

    If you have long, beautiful legs, you certainly know the problem – you've chosen a pair of nice new trousers, but notice that they are blunt at the ankles. We have taken that situation into account for Venderby's, which is why we have added the Tall models to both our range of Vera Wide and New Vera Wide. They are specially designed for tall women who do not want to compromise on their style and still want to buy fashionable clothes that fit perfectly.

    There is still full focus on the perfect fit. The only difference between our other models and the Tall models is that we have added 10 cm to the length. You are therefore not forced to buy trousers that are too big and hide your shapes just to get the right length – on the contrary, you can still get the flattering fit in the waist, while the trousers are not too short. Our goal is to produce beautiful clothes for all types of women, and this is also the motivation behind our Tall models.

    A classic look with a focus on comfort

    Part of what makes our Vera collection so popular is certainly the classic and stylish look. In their appearance, the trousers are reminiscent of dress trousers, because they both have belt loops and a nice seam on the front of both legs, which brings to mind classic trousers with press pleats.

    The very special elegant look of the trousers means that they are easy to dress up and down. If you want to be neat and formal in your clothes, it is quite obvious to combine with a blazer and a nice top or blouse underneath. If it's for relaxation, the trousers are super cool together with a sweatshirt or an oversized T-shirt. The Vera collection is so soft that you can also easily walk around in the trousers and enjoy yourself at home.

    Try a pair of nice and soft trousers from Venderby's

    We believe that you don't have to compromise on comfort, even if you want to look stylish and elegant. It is actually a large part of the philosophy behind Venderby's. You must be able to feel both cool and trendy, while at the same time feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. That's why we produce our clothes in the softest materials, which are just as suitable for a day on the sofa as for a trip to a café or a city trip.

    New models and colors are continuously added to our webshop, so please follow along here in the shop and on our profile on Instagram , where we constantly keep our followers updated with new items and collections and show how our clothes can be styled. We look forward to giving you lots of inspiration and news.