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    16 products

    Sweatshirts have made a comeback, for especially casual wear and loungewear have exploded in popularity. Sweatshirts are casual and cozy and can be worn for many different occasions.

    On this page, we have gathered our selection of VDB sweatshirts, which you will find in several different colors and designs.

    Expand your wardrobe with a nice and comfortable sweatshirt

    The sweatshirts you find in our range are made of a delicious material that will feel comfortable and soft all day long. There is nothing better than pulling a soft sweatshirt over your head, and with our VDB sweatshirts you will also feel stylish and fashionable at the same time.

    We design our sweatshirts to match our design philosophy, which is that our clothes are always created from a 'look good, feel good' mantra, but which at the same time meets a modern athleisure design, which fits perfectly into the current Scandinavian fashion scene.

    Young women today dress much more sporty, and there must be room for a large oversize sweatshirt, a pair of shorts and a cap to fill the wardrobe. And it can to that extent if you click your clothes home from our webshop. Here you will find all the fashion clothes you need in the wardrobe - whether your style is more classic or sporty.

    A bold sweatshirt is a must-have

    A sweatshirt is a versatile piece of clothing and you can use it in many ways. On this page you will find our sweatshirts, all of which are crewneck sweatshirts. It gives you a classic and timeless look that you can easily lift by, for example, wearing a shirt under your sweatshirt. Because with a sweatshirt, it's about how you style it. You can achieve both a relaxed and elegant look.

    Wear your sweatshirt as a dress

    With our oversized sweaters, you can easily jump in a pair of inner shorts and create an appealing streetwear look. And otherwise you never go wrong by pairing a sweatshirt with a pair of cool jeans, because jeans are always an option, no matter what fit you choose. Use them to highlight your figure under the large sweatshirt.

    If you want to maintain comfort from head to toe, you can of course also pair our sweatshirts with the matching joggers. Here you can get a whole set in the same color or you can mix across our set. You will find our cool and colorful joggers here. It's the perfect set for homework, the flight or the quick trip to the supermarket - so you always look super stylish, no matter what you do.

    Lift your outfit with the right styling of your sweatshirt

    A sweatshirt is underrated to experiment with when it comes to styling different outfits. For it can actually do much more than just look relaxed and sporty. With a favorite sweater in the wardrobe, you can achieve a look that is both relaxed, professional and comfortable - it does not get much better.

    For a modern look, you can wear a shirt under your sweatshirt. Fold the collar over the neck of your sweatshirt and let the shirt stick out at the bottom, so you get a delicious and modern layered look that you can never go wrong in the city with.

    Of course, you can also wear our fine sweatshirts completely without anything under or over. It is the perfect sweater to go shopping in or carry in your bag if it should get chilly. On colder days, however, you can also easily wear a bold denim jacket or blazer over a sweatshirt - there are actually no limits to how it can be styled. It's simply a must-have in your wardrobe.