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    10 products

    Sweatpants are not just comfortable trousers that you can wear at home or train in the gym. Sweatpants for women are more than ever part of the current fashion picture, where today there are no limits to what the comfortable item can be matched with.

    The conventions of when you can wear sweatpants have changed

    Sweatpants have not always been as versatile as they are today. Not so many years ago, sweatpants were not in the same fashion statement as they are today. Sweatpants come in many designs, and they all speak to the same fashion trend that one's style should not be so polished, but rather casual, relaxed and preferably oversized.

    It is e.g. not unusual to see sweatpants for women on various catwalks, where they are matched with a blazer or another fine and formal top. That's another thing with sweatpants: the conventions for when you can wear sweatpants have changed, so today it's possible to match everything with a pair of women's sweatpants.

    You can without hesitation wear them for any occasion in everyday life, and if they are matched correctly with other items, it is actually not bad taste to wear them for more formal occasions either.


    This is how you can match women's sweatpants with other items from your wardrobe

    But what can you match your sweatpants from Venderby's with? As I said, the conventions of when it is acceptable to wear sweatpants for women have been blurred. For a casual look, you can combine our sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt. That way you get a trendy and relaxed tracksuit for everyday use.

    You can also match our women's sweatpants with an oversized T-shirt and a puffy blazer. This combination gives your style an unconventional and modern twist, breaking the norms of clothing composition in a style-conscious and refreshing way. Nothing is impossible with a pair of cool sweatpants, and you can show that by matching them with any type of top.

    Try experimenting a little with your clothing combination - then you will find out what reflects your personal style best.

    A wide selection of sweatpants for women is a must-have in your wardrobe

    The casual attire of a pair of women's jogging bottoms is suitable for relaxing both at home and out. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of nice sweatpants for women. They're quick to jump into if you're in the middle of a clothing crisis, because you're guaranteed to look fashionable and stylish with sweatpants.

    You will also find our sweatpants in many different colours. This means that there is a pair for you who want neutral and timeless tones such as white, black or grey, just as there is also a delicious pair for you who love an edgy and more seasonal look. You will find, among other things, sweatpants in the colors green, blue and purple.

    For all the colors of our women's sweatpants, you will also find a matching sweatshirt . In other words, you have the opportunity to shop for a whole set that you can use for homework, on the flight or just in general in everyday life for a sporty and casual expression.

    At Venderby's, we always design our sweatpants according to the latest fashion trends

    At Venderby's we design clothes that are fashionable but also follow a philosophy that is sporty and comfortable. And our sweatpants are proof that relaxed styles can still be fashionable. We have always had a massive focus on designing clothes that give you a perfect fit.

    A tight fit around the waist is a characteristic of all our trousers, and this is reflected in everything from our jeans to our sweatpants. That's why we've found the perfect balance, which gives you both a loose fit - which gives a casual and relaxed look - as well as a delicious and tight fit that highlights your beautiful, feminine forms.

    Do you have questions about our women's sweatpants?

    If you have specific questions about our women's jogging bottoms, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can always read more specifically about our women's sweatpants by clicking on the product itself, but you are of course also welcome to contact us. You can write to us at kontakt@venderbys.dk or call us on tel. 42 51 61 30. We look forward to helping you!

    You can also visit our Instagram if you are interested in becoming part of our fashion universe. Here you can be updated with the latest news about our collections, learn more about the brand and see how other customers match their Venderby items.