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    18 products

    Jogging set

    The jogging set has become a standard item in every woman's wardrobe. For the relaxed weekend days or simply the days when you prioritize comfort above all else, and the jogging set thus ranks higher than all other clothes in the closet. At Venderby's, we focus on all our athleisure clothing being comfortable and delicious to wear, of course while we strive to mix comfort with style. On this page you can see our entire selection of jogging clothes for women.

    Comfort and style above all

    At Venderby's, our jogging sets must first and foremost be comfortable and convenient to wear. Our sweatshirts and sweatpants have fleece inside, which makes our jogging models soft and comfortable. In addition to feeling just right to wear, you also get a nice range of motion in our jogging set. The sets all have a loose fit, which gives you a completely different feel than what a pair of our jeans with a tight waist would otherwise give you. So you get through the day easily, comfortably and elegantly with jogging clothes from Venderby's, and the embroidered VDB logo on both our bottoms and tops is a stylish finishing touch.

    Our jogging sets are not just for the couch; they are for all those moments when you want to combine the comfortable with the smart. So choose Venderby's jogging set and experience the perfect mix of comfort and style in your everyday life. Start by exploring the selection and find the set that speaks to you and matches your personal style.

    Jogging sets are the quick, comfortable and stylish choice

    Our jogging set for women is designed to be used in all kinds of everyday situations. Some jogging clothes are best suited to specific situations where you're sitting at home or going for a quick walk, but here our styles are very flexible. At Venderby's, we believe that you can easily combine the comfortable with the stylish, and our jogging set is an excellent example of this. Our athleisure clothing is designed with a focus on being usable for everything that the fashion-conscious woman's everyday life has to offer. This means that you e.g. can easily slip into a cafe with friends in a brown jogging suit or mix a pair of dark jogging trousers with a gray VDB logo sweatshirt.

    From the 80s fitness wave to the 20s fashion comeback

    Although jogging clothes have become a regular fixture in many women's wardrobes today, they have an interesting history as a fashion item that goes back several decades. One of the most iconic periods for jogging clothes was undoubtedly the 80s and 90s. At the time, jogging clothes became popular as part of the fitness wave and consisted primarily of colorful tracksuits and oversized sweatshirts. It was a time when jogging clothes were not only used for exercise, but also as a street style, where especially brands like Adidas and Nike played a decisive role in making the jogging look popular.

    However, during the 00s and 10s, jogging clothes lost a bit of its popularity. It was largely seen as something you only wore at home on a casual day or used for sports. But during the 20s, jogging clothes really made an impressive comeback. The fashion world has embraced comfort and ease, and joggers, sweatshirts and hoodies have once again been recognized as fashionable items that can be worn outside the home. Women have redefined how to wear joggers, and it's now just as acceptable to pair a pair of sweatpants with a smart blouse as it is to wear jeans. This shift in the perception of joggers as a versatile style underlines how fashion is always in motion and evolving.

    With jogging clothes, you can mix formal and informal

    Athleisure in its definition is a mix between the comfortable and the stylish. We have transferred the same format and thought pattern into the design of our jogging clothes. Athleisure must be able to be used to be active in. At the same time, it must be able to be used as a causal item that can be used for any everyday occasion, whether it is work, school or something else completely away from home.

    You can advantageously mix your jogging set with something more formal; it could, for example, be styling your jogging bottoms with a nice top or jacket . By combining the formal with the informal, you create a balanced and stylish outfit that gives you a modern look and shows that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion and trends.

    Would you like more inspiration on how to create exciting looks with our jogging sets? On our Instagram profile, you can find our suggestions on how to style your jogging set from Venderby's.