Green pants

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    3 products

    Green trousers for every occasion

    We are not supporters of trousers having to be in neutral colours. Well, a pair of black, white or gray trousers can be used for most things - but sometimes you just need a little more colour. And why not throw yourself on a beautiful green? In our selection of green pants, you'll find everything from cargo pants to sweatpants and classic suit pants that look tailored. Whether you're looking for green trousers for a cozy day on the sofa, to upgrade your outfit at work or to hang out with friends, you'll find them right here in our selection. All of them are of course designed to ensure the best comfort and in the usual Venderby's style, which highlights your body in the most beautiful way.

    Looking for formal green pants or a more casual pair? We are sure that you can find just the right pair here on the site, no matter what.

    Dress up for a cozy day with our green sweatpants

    Green trousers that are super soft and at the same time stylish. Doesn't that sound like a bit of a dream? That's how it is if you buy a pair of green sweatpants from Venderby's. For us, it is important to design trousers that are both comfortable and look good - and therefore it is probably not completely coincidental that our sweatpants are so popular. They are one of the softest things you can wear, and they can be dressed up or down - exactly as it should be.

    Sweatpants go with most things. In the past, loungewear was primarily for home use, but today sweatpants are an indispensable part of the wardrobe - also for use at school, at the studio, on shopping trips and café appointments. You can choose to pair our green sweatpants with a hoodie or sweatshirt in the same colour, or you can mix and match with the other colours, which also go really well with it. It's all up to you and your personal preferences. You can also easily pair them with a cool blouse or top if you want to break the loungewear look and make it a little bit more formal.

    Green trousers in the form of suit pants - perfect for both the city tour and the job interview

    Sometimes it has to be a little more formal and classic. Our green trousers with the beautiful stitching on the front of the legs, reminiscent of a press fold, live up to exactly that. They can be used for a multitude of different occasions – pair them with a cool top or shirt and look great on the city trip or combine with a classic blazer when you need to look professional at work. There are unimaginable possibilities, and with a pair of green trousers you also ensure that your look will never be boring and colourless.

    If you choose a pair of dark green trousers, your look will be slightly more subdued, which some prefer in a professional context. The light green trousers are perfect for spring and summer, when many of us want to jump into some brighter and more colorful clothes. But of course there are no rules when it comes to styling your green pants. Only you and your taste matter.

    With green trousers at Venderby's, you get the perfect fit with the purchase

    One of the things we are most proud of at Venderby's is our trousers with an absolutely perfect fit. This of course also applies to all our green pants, regardless of whether you choose sweatpants, cargo pants, canvas pants or suit pants. Even our most relaxed trousers have a fit that emphasizes your waist and your shapes in the most flattering way - we ensure this with a tight fit around the waist and thighs and more width at the bottom of the legs. It's probably what you know and love as the classic Venderby's fit.

    If you are naturally endowed with long and beautiful legs, you can also get a pair of green trousers that fit you without being blunt. You just have to look for our Tall models, which have approx. 10 cm extra length and therefore suitable for you who are a little taller than most. We don't think you should be cheated out of the nice clothes just because you're tall. The fit is the same as on our other trousers, only the length is different.

    Buy your green trousers at Venderby's already today

    Have you fallen in love with a pair of nice green pants? Then it's just a matter of clicking home the pair that makes your heart beat the loudest. If you shop for more than DKK 599, delivery is free, and you always have your package within 1-3 working days. We hope you will be happy with your new trousers!