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    Brown pants

    Brown trousers go with many things and are an elegant colour. Sure, black and white are classics – and they can also do a lot for an outfit, but honestly, brown is just something for itself; brown adds a completely unique warmth to your wardrobe and can easily be matched with other items – a pair of white sneakers is, among other things, a safe choice. On this page you will find our wonderful selection of brown trousers for ladies, all of which come in a trendy design.

    • Vera Wide Pants – Brown
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    • Tall Vera Wide Pants - Khaki
    • Knit trousers – dark brown
    • Knit trousers – light brown

    Follow the trends of the time with brown trousers for women

    With brown trousers for women from Venderby's, you always get an item with a perfect fit - and our styles always reflect the latest fashion image. We know that our customers want to be first-movers when something new touches the fashion scene. That's why we always have a feeler out, so we design the trendiest brown trousers.

    How is that reflected concretely in our brown jeans? The short answer is the cut, where we first and foremost have an uncompromising approach to the fit. Part of our identity is to offer trousers that sit tight and nice on the hips. In addition, our brown trousers have a loose fit, which is still the cut we see trending right now. With our brown and light brown trousers, you get an item that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

    Brown is an underrated color that deserves attention

    Brown may not always have been the most obvious color when we talk about fashion. For some, it may have been downright in the "boring" category. But hang in there! Let's change that perception, because brown trousers are totally overlooked and underrated for their style and elegance.

    Let's therefore dispel the myth that brown is a color that is not pretty. On the contrary, brown is like a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. It gives a warm and earthy expression that immediately adds depth to your outfit. It's like adding spice to a dish – it's what makes all the difference! When you first give the brown color a chance - it could be with a pair of brown trousers from Venderby's, for example - you will quickly find out how versatile and super dressy the color really is. It can be matched with almost anything and instantly adds a gorgeous touch to any look. A beige top, a white blouse, or even a pastel colored sweater – all can be styled together with brown trousers to create a harmonious and modern combination.

    With our brown jeans you get a perfect fit

    At Venderby's, the perfect fit is essential for all our trousers. All of our brown trousers are high-waisted, which means that our trousers sit optimally around the hip, and they also put your female forms in focus. Our brown and light brown trousers have a nice and loose fit, so that they naturally fall over your sneakers.

    In our trousers, you get an item that fits every situation. When you need to have a stylish expression for the studio, when you need to show off in the city with your friends, or if you just need to relax at home - with our brown trousers you get, in other words, an item that you can always reach for, when you stand in front of the mirror and want to create a fabulous outfit.

    How do I match my brown trousers with other items?

    Personally, we love matching our light brown trousers with a navy blue or light blue top . This combination is just a sure winner, and it gives you a fresh and summery expression, which is of course extra beautiful in the spring and summer months. If we look more closely at the options for tops, you can wear a hoodie for a baggy and casual look, but you can also combine the light brown trousers with a nice blue dress in addition.

    Looking at our dark brown trousers, we are absolutely in love with mixing them with a white or beige colour. In particular, the match between brown trousers and a beige T-shirt or sweater expresses a particularly admirable portrayal of the brown shade. The graduation can result in a pair of cream-colored sneakers - and then you really have to say that you are left with a well-thought-out and balanced look.

    The above were of course just our examples of a good clothing match with our brown trousers for ladies, and it is of course completely up to you how you want to put your outfit together.

    Visit our Instagram for more inspiration for choosing brown jeans

    Do you need help choosing the right brown trousers? Or if you want ideas for outfits in brown tones, you can always take a look at our Instagram . Here you can find inspiration for what you can combine your brown or light brown trousers with. You can also be inspired by how others have combined their new styles from Venderby's. If you have any further questions, you can contact us every weekday from 10am to 2pm on tel. 42 51 61 30. We are ready to help and look forward to hearing from you.