Brown pants

    3 products

    3 products

    With brown trousers from Venderby's, you always get an item with a perfect fit. We always have a feel in the fashion scene of the time to make sure that our styles reflect the latest trends. We know that our customers want to be first-movers when something new moves - that's exactly what we take care of at Venderby's

    With our brown and light brown trousers, you get an item that fits perfectly in your wardrobe.

    Experience the perfect fit in our brown trousers

    At Venderby's, the perfect fit is essential for all our trousers. All of our brown trousers are high-waisted, which means that our trousers fit optimally around the hip, and they even put your female shapes in focus. Our brown and light brown trousers have a nice and loose fall, so that they naturally fall over your sneakers.

    In our trousers you get an item that suits any situation. When you need to have a stylish expression for the studio, when you need to show off in the city with your friends, or if you just want to relax at home - in our brown trousers you get in other words an item that you can always reach for, when you style yourself in front of the mirror.

    Find inspiration for your wardrobe on our Instagram profile

    On our Instagram profile you can find inspiration for what you can combine your brown and light brown trousers with. You can also be inspired by what others have chosen to put together their new styles from Venderby's.

    If you have further questions, you can contact us every weekday from 10-14 on tel. 42 51 61 30.