Blue trousers

    9 products

    9 products

    At Venderby’s we sell a variety of blue pants and jeans. We have something for everyone. Our raw and timeless light blue cowboy pants are e.g. a safe choice for all everyday situations. Our casual trousers are great for a day on the couch, where comfort and relaxation are on the agenda. You can see our entire selection of blue trousers on this page.

    Dark blue jeans - a timeless addition to the wardrobe

    We have all the days where you do not know what outfit to wear. These are the days when denim jeans are and remain the safe choice. With blue jeans from Venderby’s, you get a tight-fitting pair of denim trousers that go with all everyday situations. They go perfectly with a tight-fitting blouse or oversized hoodie.

    All our jeans are designed with the fit in mind. They are high-waisted and fall nicely over your shoes. On our Instagram profile you can see how others wear our blue jeans.

    Buy blue pants from Venderby's and keep up with current trends

    It's not just the timeless cowboy pants you can get at Venderby's. We have a number of other popular blue trousers, all of which have in common that they reflect the current Danish fashion image. Our Suit Pants are e.g. a stylish choice for a city trip with friends.

    Loungewear has also become popular to wear on a daily basis. Our Casual Pants can be used both when you relax at home, but also if you want a more relaxed look for the day. If you are missing a pair of blue trousers, you will find a wide selection on this page.