Grey pants

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    16 products

    With gray trousers, you get a fashionable item that goes with virtually all outfits. Gray trousers give you the opportunity to style yourself stylishly and smartly, and especially your black and white tops go well with it. In other words, you get a timeless and classic expression that screams elegance and good style.

    With our gray trousers you always get the perfect fit

    The perfect fit is something we always have in mind when designing new collections. This means that most of our trousers are high-waisted and with stretch, which means that they sit comfortably and nicely around the waist. The result is that your forms as a woman come into focus, which gives your styling a feminine touch. The goal of designing items that have the perfect fit naturally also applies to our gray trousers.

    But we are aware that the latest fashion trends primarily call for loose and casual clothing. That's why our gray trousers also come with a baggy look around your legs, where the trousers have a loose and straight fit. That way you get the best of both worlds. A deliciously tight fit around the waist that stages your femininity, and a loose fit that reflects the current fashion image.

    With gray trousers you create coherence in your outfit

    You know that feeling when you don't quite know what outfit to choose for the day? Of course you do. Here, a safe choice is always the combination of black and white. It could be a pair of white sneakers, black jeans and a white t-shirt. This outfit will always last, but with gray trousers from Venderby's you get an item that is at least as safe, which also gives your go-to styling an extra dimension.

    Imagine combining a pair of white sneakers, light gray trousers and a black oversized top. Here you still get the stylish look, but with a little twist. The gray trousers give your outfit a new nuance, which does not deviate from the overall expression, but still puts the finishing touch.

    Use your light gray trousers to stage other items

    Light gray trousers from Venderby's can of course also be used for other outfits that are more colorful and exuberant. In the same way that a pair of black trousers are perfect, if you want to stage a nice top, you can do exactly the same with our gray trousers.

    The advantage of our gray trousers is that they don't draw so much attention. They are of course super cool in themselves, but the neutral color and the loose fit means that your favorite sneakers or sweatshirts can be put in focus. As you can see on this page, you will find both dark gray and light gray trousers. Explore our selection and find the trousers that suit your style.

    Style yourself stylishly with gray trousers from Venderby's

    Finally, it is also possible to style yourself for the finer occasions with our gray trousers. The gray color is very muted, which is perfect for an elegant, formal and more subdued style. You can e.g. mix our gray trousers with our nice blazers . In this way, you get a look that speaks to yet another of the current trends – namely a more corporate styling that presents women from a more gender-neutral perspective.

    Do you have questions about our gray trousers?

    If you still have questions about our gray trousers, you can always contact us. We want to give our customers the best experience when they buy clothes from us, and this means that we make our advice available should you have practical questions about our collections. You can contact us every weekday from 10-14 on tel. 42 51 61 30 or write to us at .

    If you generally lack inspiration in your feed, you can also always visit our Instagram . Here you can find inspiration for your next clothing purchase from Venderby's. We look forward to helping you!