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    See the beautiful styles with glitter and satin

    Everyone needs a little glitter every now and then. That is why we have launched our glamorous and sparkling limited collection Glitter. You will find everything from beautiful tops to elegant skirts and dresses, and all parts on the page are perfect for festive occasions - or when you just need a little more glitter in everyday life. See also the beautiful dresses, tops and skirts in satin, which are perfect for you who love the classic and elegant look.

    A glitter top or body is perfect to upgrade your look

    Maybe you don't want to go all-in on glitter from head to toe, but just need a little upgrade to an otherwise completely ordinary everyday look? Then you should look in the direction of our glitter tops and bodystockings. They give you the opportunity to add some glamor to your look in a very simple way. Use a glitter top under an open shirt or a blazer, and you've immediately achieved a completely new expression.

    Whether you're heading to a cafe with your girlfriends or just want to spice up your outfit for the office, glitter is the way to go - at least if you ask us. Because who says that it's only for parties that we can wear glittery clothes?

    Dresses and skirts for New Year's or gala

    There are of course also occasions where it is completely obvious and perhaps almost expected that we find our best glitter styles. One of them is, of course, New Year's Eve. Because what's better when the clock strikes 12 and the glasses clink than to be able to jump into the new year wearing your best glitter dress or skirt? On the dance floor, you are also absolutely sure to catch the lights and attention with the beautiful sparkling effect in the clothes - regardless of whether you are wearing a full glitter outfit or just a skirt or top in the delicious material.

    Another party that may require some glitter is the high school or post-secondary prom. If you want to be sure to be the center of the party, choose one of our glitter tops, glitter wraps and a beautiful skirt or a delicious silky dress. Let loose on the dance floor and see how the disco ball really accentuates your beautiful outfit!

    Satin or glitter – what do you prefer?

    Although our limited collection has been named Glitter, it's not the only thing you'll find here. We have also designed a number of beautiful styles in satin, which in the same way is a material that catches both the light and the eye and is great for parties. The black satin drapes beautifully around the body and has a beautiful, classic look that can be used again and again. You'll also find dark red satin, which is more eye-catching but still timeless and elegant.

    You can of course freely mix and match the different styles in satin as you wish. An all-black outfit is elegant, especially with some pretty jewelry and maybe an updo. An all-red outfit is your guarantee of lots of attention - and if you're not too into the tone-on-tone look, you can of course also choose to combine the red and black styles and create your very own expression.

    Lots of glitter and the usual perfect Venderby's fit

    Our Glitter collection stands out from the rest of our collections with its glitter and glamour. But one thing is completely as usual – and that is of course the perfect and flattering fit, which you already know from the other Venderby's styles. Regardless of whether you choose a bodysuit, a halterneck top or a wrap, you are guaranteed a top that highlights your best sides and puts your body on stage in the most dressy way.

    The same naturally applies to both trousers and skirts. The skirts are long and narrow, which gives beautiful, long legs - and the trousers are of course the perfect fit, sitting at the waist and with more width at the bottom, so they fall nicely over your shoes. Exactly as you know it from the rest of our popular range of trousers.

    Keep an eye out for our Limited Collections

    The fact that our collection is limited naturally means that the individual styles are only available in limited numbers - so remember to keep a close eye and be quick if you see something you like! Our Glitter Collection doesn't come back once it's sold, so if you love the classic Venderby's fit with a glittery twist, it's all about hitting the ground running.

    We occasionally design limited collections which differ from our other range, but which of course still have the recognizable Venderby's DNA. We hope that in the future you will also find collections that you want to fall in love with.