Black Friday/Week Sale Terms:

We value all our customers and strive to offer fair and transparent trading conditions. In connection with Black Friday/Week offers, we want to ensure that all our customers have equal access to the same benefits. Therefore, the following terms apply to purchases made before and during Black Week.

1. Delivery times

We endeavor to maintain normal delivery times, but in connection with Black Week there may be increased demand, which could potentially lead to extended delivery times. We ask our customers to take this into account and we will do our best to keep them updated on any changes.

2. Limited Stocks: 

Our Black Week offers may be subject to stock restrictions. We cannot guarantee the availability of products after the end of the Black Week offers. It is recommended to act quickly to secure the items you want.

3. Refund of Discount:

If you made a purchase before the start of Black Week, unfortunately we cannot refund the difference for discounts offered during this period. This ensures that our customers experience uniform conditions and opportunities – we attach great importance to everyone having the same chance for the good offers, which is why we have also advertised with our Black Week in good time.

4. Price adjustments:

Please note that the prices during Black Week are time-limited and may change after the campaign period. You will be billed the current price at the time of your purchase, so be sure to complete your purchases while the offers are still active.

5. Customer Service and Support:

Our customer service is here to help you during Black Week. We may experience a higher volume of inquiries, but we endeavor to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible. For up-to-date customer service information:

6. Conditions of use for discount codes:

The discounts offered during Black Week cannot be combined with other existing offers and discount codes issued before the start of Black Week. If unique discount codes are issued during Black Week, it is however possible to use these, but only during the specified period.

7. Black Friday Special: Free Product - Please Note Return Policy:

If you get a free product with your order as part of our Black Friday offer. Please note that if you choose to return your entire order, the free product must also be returned to complete the refund.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to serving your needs during this special trading period. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service.