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    Imitation leather trousers

    Leather is a material that we see coming on the fashion agenda from time to time. The leather look has previously been linked to motorcycle clothing, and the material has a certain rebelliousness about it. Today we see that the fashion image is filled with various leather items, which is why we have designed our PU trousers in imitation leather.

    Get a raw look with our PU pants

    If you want a raw look for your clothing composition, then our PU trousers are a perfect choice. The rebellious undertones come into play when you wear our imitation leather pants, but without it becoming too much. With our trousers, you stand out from the crowd, but in a raw, modern and stylish way.

    Contrary to the stereotypical image of a tight pair of leather pants, our PU pants have a loose fall. However, the fit around the waist is still snug, and the trousers therefore fit really well - that way, your female shapes also come into play.

    Our PU trousers go really well with a tight-fitting top or a loose white t-shirt. Your white sneakers have also never looked better with a pair of imitation leather pants. The trousers have a small slit at the bottom, so that they fall nicely over the shoes.

    Experience a perfect fit with imitation leather trousers from Venderby’s

    At Venderby’s, our mantra is that you always get a pair of trousers that fit perfectly when you shop with us. All our pants are high-waisted, and the fit is always the most important thing when we design new styles. This is no exception with our PU pants.

    If you want to find more inspiration for your daily wardrobe, you can always explore our Instagram universe. Here you can see how others wear their new items from Venderby's, as well as what they have chosen to style them with.