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    Black jeans

    Denim jeans are simply inevitably not having in their wardrobe. If you ask any woman on the street, she will probably say the same thing. Black is a timeless color, and the black cowboy pants are an eternal ‘go-to’ if you are having trouble finding the right set of clothes for the day. At Venderby's, we have several different styles and models of jeans, all of which have in common that they are designed with a focus on giving you the perfect fit.

    Timeless, elegant and simple

    The reason why black jeans have always been - and probably will remain - a big hit among women is because the cowboy pants in this color are timeless and elegant to look at. The black jeans compliment your shapes as a woman, and that's something we always focus on at Venderby's.

    In our jeans you will experience the most delicious fit. Our black jeans are high-waisted and tighten comfortably around the waist. This gives the perfect fit and the tight look. The trousers are ordinary to a little small in size, so for a looser fit we recommend that you go one size up.

    Our black Lexi Jeans have e.g. a small slit at the bottom, which gives the trousers a loose fall, which falls elegantly over the shoe. In many ways, you will find in our jeans that you get a little from both worlds. On the one hand you will experience a tight and checked fit, on the other hand you will experience a loose and comfortable fall. Our black jeans are quite functional and modern on that front, but the expression is still with respect for the simple and classic pair of black cowboy pants.

    Black jeans as a staging element

    In addition to being delicious in themselves, your black jeans also have the property that they can compliment and highlight your other items. With a classic black pair of cowboy pants, you can e.g. stage one a checked sweater that may not go for many of your other jeans or pants. The same goes for your sneakers. Never have your white sneakers looked better when complimented by a pair of black jeans.

    Black for any occasion

    In addition to being a stable ‘go-to’ solution, when you are desperately looking through your wardrobe for today's outfit, you also get other benefits with a pair of black jeans.

    Black jeans are practical and hardy, as they stay nice for almost any occasion. Are you for a festival or other exciting event, where your clothes could potentially look less good as time goes on, then your black jeans stay on top no matter what.

    If you want to see more pictures of our delicious cowboy pants, you can check out our Instagram profile.