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    15 products

    Jeans for women

    Jeans are an item that we believe one should never compromise on when it comes to finding the perfect fit. It is not always that the fit is quite as you want it in some jeans, but we do it here at Venderby’s. In our jeans you always get a nice fit.

    At Venderby’s, we have a vision to create the best fit, which both reflects today's Danish trends, all the while the product must be nice and delicious to wear. In other words, we strive to create a balance between fit and feeling.

    On this page you will find our selection of jeans, all of which are designed with a focus on the perfect fit.


    Here you always get a pair of jeans that have the perfect 'slim' or 'loose' fit. The same for all our women's jeans is that all our styles are quite high-waisted . This makes our jeans very comfortable to wear, but also gives a fashionable and tight look around the waist.

    Be aware that our jeans for women are a bit small in size and they have no stretch, so it may be a good idea to order your jeans in a larger size than you usually do if you feel more comfortable in a looser fit.

    Experience the fit on Instagram

    At Venderby's, we are very proud of what we call the best fit in jeans for women. We therefore also make a virtue out of showcasing it as best we can now. On our Instagram you will find pictures of our various jeans, and there you are guaranteed to find inspiration for your wardrobe and your personal expression.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to relate to a product - especially jeans - if you only have the images to judge from. You can get inspiration to wear our different styles, on our Instagram profile . Here you can see what other women pair their jeans with and what occasion they are suitable for.

    Jeans for any occasion

    All the different styles of jeans you will find on this page are designed from a perspective that reflects the trends that are out in the city right now and here. In other words, when you buy women's jeans from Venderby's, you will have a razor-sharp set of styles that will surely give you the look you want for all seven days of the week.

    If you have a model that you absolutely love, you can buy it in the respective colors you find on our webshop. You will thus not be in the situation of not being able to put on your favorite jeans simply because you have chosen a particular top that does not go for the specific jeans. At Venderby's, we make sure to have a wide range of colors for all of our models as far as possible.

    For parties, colors and ordinary weekdays

    At our webshop you will not only find jeans. Although jeans for women are a sure winner when you go to the city, we also have other models and styles that may be better suited to the ordinary weekdays, where you just want to move freely, relaxed and not do too much out of yourself. For this, our VDB Sweatpants are completely optimal. They give you a more casual look for the days when you want a more loose and street look.

    Whether you are into black jeans or relaxing sweatpants, you can always stay up to date on our Instagram profile. New collections at Venderby's are constantly being added, so if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, then you should keep a close eye on what is moving in there.