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    Sometimes it's just the right occasion to jump in a tight-fitting dress. It's not often that the opportunity arises, but when it does, it's just about to strike. At Venderby’s, we have a fine selection of tight-fitting dresses with slits. You can see our selection here on the page.

    Experience the perfect fit in our dresses with slits

    At Venderby’s, we always strive to create the perfect fit in our many items. This is especially true of our many jeans, which have a perfect fit around the hip, but it also applies to our tight-fitting dresses.

    We always focus on putting your beautiful female shapes at the center when designing our various items, and that, we believe, has succeeded with our dresses with slits. Our elegant and snug-fitting dresses are not only snug around the hip, but along the entire body. That's why we've designed our dresses with a slit at the bottom so you can still move freely.

    When is a tight-fitting dress with a slit a good choice?

    We have designed our tight-fitting dresses for the slightly finer occasions. It could, for example. be in connection with a graduation party or a gala. Our dresses with slits are designed with the formal in mind, but still with a modern touch.

    However, it is also possible to wear our dresses with slits for other occasions. You can e.g. style your dress with one of our blazers if you feel that the dress itself is a bit too formal.

    You can contact us here if you have questions about our tight-fitting dresses

    If you have any questions about our close-fitting dresses, you can always contact us. We are ready every weekday from 10-14, and you can call us on tel. 42 51 61 30. If you need further inspiration, you can also visit our Instagram profile. Here you can see how other women wear their items from Venderby’s. We look forward to helping you!