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    3 products

    A dress is in many ways a female statement. Compared to years ago, today there are fewer occasions where you as a woman can see the cut to jump in a dress. Nevertheless, it can be a nice break from the style you usually bring to the day when there is finally a gala, New Year's Eve, etc., where a dress just fits perfectly.

    At Venderby's we have a stylish selection of dresses. We have dresses for formal occasions, just as we have styles that are better suited for an evening out with the girlfriends. You can see our selection here on the page.

    Experience the perfect fit in our women's dresses

    At Venderby’s, we always focus on the perfect fit. Our items should be comfortable to wear and they should put your female forms in focus. Our jeans have e.g. all a high-waisted cut, making them sit tight around the hip. The perfect fit is no exception when you wear one of our dresses.

    All our dresses are designed to feel delicious to wear. Our dresses come with stretch, which gives you the comfortable and snug feeling on the body. The length varies from dress to dress. Some of our styles are quite long, whereas others are a little shorter. Our satin dress has a looser fall compared to some of our other dresses that sit tight around the hips and along your legs.

    Get ready for the next party with a dress from Venderby’s

    One thing is for sure though. With a dress from Venderby’s, you get a dress that really gets you ready for any festive occasion. If you have been invited to a party or event where you are encouraged to wear a dress, you will find what you need on this page.

    Our prom dress is e.g. an elegant and stylish choice if you are going to a graduation party or reception. This dress also fits perfectly with your partner's outfit if he is wearing a nice suit or tuxedo. You can choose whether your next prom dress should be with or without glitter - it depends on which expression you want, as well as which model best reflects your personality.

    On the other hand, our satin dresses are better suited to the colorful and festive events such as New Year's Eve, etc. This dress has an open back and can be tied at the neck. The colors are available in a dark blue / green and dark red. This item has a beautiful fall and we promise you that the guests will look an extra time over the shoulder as you walk past them in this dress.

    Dresses from Venderby’s: Elegant in themselves and stylish in combination with your other items

    All our dresses for women are elegant and stylish in themselves. If you are in doubt about whether it is appropriate to wear a dress to the event you are going to, you can also easily combine our dresses with other items. You can e.g. easily combine our Zena dress with a pair of tights or a nice blazer - there are many options.

    Get inspired on our Instagram profile

    If you are in doubt about what to put your dress with, you can find inspiration on our Instagram profile. Here you can see how other women wear their dresses from Venderby's.

    If you have any questions about our dresses, you can always call us on tel. 42 51 61 30. You can also send an email to kontakt@venderbys.dk . We look forward to hearing from you.