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    4 products

    At Venderby's we have a stylish selection of blazers. With our blazers for women, you are ready for everything that everyday life has to offer. Whether it's work, school or a trip to the city with your friends - with our styles you are always equipped with the latest trends.

    Style yourself with an oversized blazer

    The same for all our blazers is that they are oversized. The current fashion image is characterized by a more loose style, and we meet this when we design our many different styles. Our blazers are especially good for an evening out with friends, and at Venderby's you can find exactly the model and color that reflects your personality and the expression you want for the day.

    For example, you can combine our gray blazer with belt with a pair of raw jeans from Venderby’s. You can also match our striped blazers with a pair of matching striped pants . You also have the option of styling yourself with a hoodie under your oversized blazer if you want to combine the elegant and formal with the modern and understated street style we see in the fashion scene today.

    You can always explore our universe on Instagram if you lack inspiration for your clothing composition.