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    Absolutely impractical, a bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that saw the light of day for the first time in the 40s. Since then, the bikini has been despised and loved. The youth uprising of the 60's really put the bikini on the world map, and since then it has been a popular item all over the world. In the fashion scene of the time, the bikini is an item that is used among the majority of young Danish women.

    At Venderby's, we always focus on the perfect fit that compliments a woman's natural shapes. This is no exception as far as our push-up bikinis are concerned. You can see our entire selection of bikinis on this page.

    Get ready for bikini season

    Bikini season. This is the prelude to the Danish summer. We know that the actual choice of a bikini can be a challenge - especially when it comes to the fit. For the most important thing when looking for a new bikini top is that everything fits as it should. This means that the bikini must not be too loose or tight for the body.

    Precisely because of the fit, some women prefer to wear a bathing suit when throwing themselves on the beach. We think that is a shame if you want to wear a bikini. All our models come with a lot of stretch. Our bottoms are high-waisted, and our bikini tops have pillows that you can easily take off.

    In other words, at Venderby's you will be completely ready for the bikini season. All our styles fit the body perfectly, and you can certainly find a model that suits you quite naturally.

    Spice up your summer with a push-up bikini

    In our push-up bikinis, you get an item that makes sure that your female forms are put in focus. Our push-up bikinis ensure that you have a snug fit, which is important when you need to be able to move freely by the beach or pool.

    No matter if you travel to the southern sun or stay at home in Denmark this summer, there is never an excuse for not buying a new bikini. You can wear your new bikini from Venderby’s with pride, because with our push-up bikinis, you get an item that gives you the ultimate attention when you sunbathe under a cloudless sky.

    A bikini top for any skin color

    One of the big questions when looking for a new bikini is whether the color you have spotted matches your own skin color. It is very different how we Danes' skin color reacts to the sun's rays. Some turn fiery red, others remain pale, and some can really build up a golden tan. Each skin color has its unique charm, and it's just a matter of finding the bikini that suits you best.

    In the pictures of our push-up bikinis, you can see which items our models are wearing. If you can identify yourself with one of our models' skin color, you can consider whether the specific bikini color falls in your taste. You can also click on our Instagram profile , where you can find inspiration for your next push-up bikini.

    Specifically about our push-up bikinis

    Our bikinis with push-ups fit perfectly. At Venderby’s, the fit is essential to everything we do. All our designs aim to create a snug fit, which then reflects the current trends of the time. Fortunately, the bikini is still a part of that fashion image.

    It's an uncomfortable feeling if you do not feel that your bikini is holding things in place. That's why all our push-up bikinis are designed with a lot of stretch. We have done this so that you can feel safe and comfortable in our styles.

    All our bikini tops are classic, as all models can be tied at the neck.We have done this so that you avoid getting tan lines on your back

    Finally, all our bikini bottoms have a high-waisted cut. We have chosen it for the sake of convenience. The high-waisted cut gives you the same tight fit that you, among other things. know from our jeans and pants. This compliments your forms as a woman, and gets you ready for this summer's exciting events.

    To learn more about Venderby’s

    If you want to be a part of Venderby’s universe, check out our Instagram profile . Here we put up all new collections when they come out. You can even see how our styles are worn by other women. On our website, you can also sign up for our newsletter. That way, we keep you up to date with the latest fashion.

    If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email or phone. Our customer service is open every weekday from 10-14. You can call tel. 42 51 61 30.