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    20 products

    Are you ready for bikini season? At Venderby’s, we know that when winter is over, the next thing to look forward to is the summer season. We also know that the summer season is synonymous with the so-called bikini season. In this connection, we can help you find a delicious new bikini bottom, so you are ready for everything the summer has to offer.

    On this page you can see our entire selection of bikini bottoms.

    That's why our bikini bottoms have a perfect fit

    Items from Venderby's are the epitome of the perfect fit. We believe that a tight and snug fit never goes out of fashion, and we believe that it is even the perfect way to show off her female forms. The hallmark of all our jeans and pants is that they are snug around the hip and this is no exception with our bikini bottoms.

    At Venderby's, all our bikini bottoms come with a lot of stretch. This means that your next bikini bottom from us is always snug when you wear it. Our bikini bottoms are also all high-waisted, which gives a comfortable and stylish fit on the body.

    This is something you can keep in mind when choosing your next bikini bottom

    When you shop for your next bikini bottom, it's of course a matter of taste which color you think is nicest. However, we still believe that you can advantageously choose a bikini bottom that complements your skin color.

    Do you have e.g. difficult to build a nice, brown tan - it may be a possibility that you choose a bikini bottom in a darker color. On the other hand, if you almost only need a few days out in the sun before you start to tan, you can advantageously choose a lighter color for your bikini bottom.

    How to best maintain your bikini bottom

    At Venderby’s, we are interested in your next bikini bottom lasting as long as possible. That's why we've made a list of how to best fit bikini bottoms from us:

    • Do not lend them.
    • Avoid washing yourself with shampoo, etc., while wearing your bikini bottom.
    • Make sure that your nails do not make holes in the material.
    • Remember to hang the base to dry when coming from the beach or pool.

    It almost lends itself. If you lend your item to others who may be slightly larger than yourself, you run the risk of expanding the elastic fabric of your bikini bottom.

    When you wash yourself, after you e.g. having been to the beach, it is also a good idea to take off your bikini bottom before putting shampoo in your hair. Shampoo and other hygiene products will ruin your item in the long run.

    When gaps occur in your item, one of the big culprits is your nails. Therefore, be aware of this when you are out bathing.

    Finally, it's also a good idea to hang your bikini bottom to dry after use. That way you avoid it starting to rot or smell bad. We recommend that you hang your item to dry outside so that it can get fresh air at the same time.

    Contact us if you have questions about our bikini bottoms

    If you have questions about our bikini bottoms, you can always contact us on tel. 42 51 61 30. We are open every weekday from 10-14. If you are looking for fashion inspiration, you can also always visit our universe on Instagram . We look forward to helping you.